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SPURS #1 is the newest album from Run Downhill, and our largest in scope and ambition thus far! We have taken the idea of cross-contextualizing our music with comic books to the next level: SPURS #1 is the first album of ours wherein each song comes with a comic companion. Throughout the first half of the year, we have been releasing one song at a time, along with its accompanying comic video (as seen on our YouTube channel); now, we are pleased to announce that the EP is done, and the PRINT EDITION of our comic book is soon to be available!

Written by T.J. Troy, and illustrated by Quinn Salazar, the stories contained tell a bit of history (in fact, the story picks up directly where the "Kilbourn" EP leaves off), and begins to introduce some amazing characters to our world. With covers illustrated by the amazing Scott Angle, we are truly proud to share this album with the world.

On behalf of all of us at Run Downhill, please enjoy this music, and these comic stories, and get your own copy of the comic book by contacting us!


released January 30, 2014

Performed by Run Downhill:

Colin Burgess - Bass, backing vocals
Nate LaPointe - Pedal steel, steel string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, backing vocals
Tom Moose - Steel string acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, backing vocals
T.J. Troy - Vocals, drums, caxixi, nylon string acoustic guitar, piano

with special guests Ken Lasaine (baritone guitar), Jodie Landau (backing vocals), David Johnson (harmonica)

Recorded by T.J. Troy at the Kilbourn House
Mixed and mastered by Scott Manzo at Rocky Road Ranch Productions

All words and music by T.J. Troy (BMI)

All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Run Downhill Los Angeles, California

Run Downhill is an indie-country band from Los Angeles, CA. With a style drenched in the classic country sounds of the 40/50/60s, mixed with the indie rock aesthetics of the late 90s, Run Downhill's lush textures, densely layered vocals, and soaring instrumentals are unparalleled in today's modern music. The music is also cross-contextualized with comic books; songs have a comic book companion! ... more

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Track Name: Unbreakable Man

By my eye, the stone appears but unbreakable.
Here, the wall lies before us, unbreachable
As thy honored strand.

The unmovable stone meets a force irresistible
By the will of the peerless, combustible man,
Unbreakable hand of Unbreakable Man.

I am paid good dollars to move
The stone declared so invaluable
To their righteous plan.

And the digging of coal in a cache so unreachable,
But the skill and the near-incorruptible heart
And the hand of Unbreakable Man!

You may abide by the notion beside
But demand that the Master’s design, set aside,
Would align with the seeker’s desire,
At least I would surmise…

But the breaking of stone to a will, irredeemable;
And the yielding of coal, irreplaceable
As the gilded hand of Unbreakable Man.

If you can breathe,
That just means that you’re living the dream.

That you may apply thy mind,
And thy faith shall elide.

And I am paid as well the dollar moves,
It’s worth undeniably volatile
As the land,
Unbreakable Man!
Track Name: A killer
If I heard you comin'
Would I have raised my gun in self-defense?
Or expect I could dissuade you
From killing me.

A hired gun knows no conscience.
The steel, the black powder, won't hear me plea.
So, I defer; my fate now stands
At your judgment's end.

Watch your back and the fatal blow comes right before your eyes.
And the weapon knows no discretion,
It is not to blame.

And the sound, and the weight,
feel justified.

And the part I would have traded for,
was the promise that your faith would not mislead.

And the silence dripped so coolly down,
to envelop me in anger's warm bright light.

That light...

And you target me, so assuredly,
It's been a long time coming,
Will you force my hand?

At last...

You never thought you had it in you,
Till you reached down and the trigger pulled so free.
And for the want of recognition,
You'll bury me.
Track Name: How Can You Weep?
How can you weep?
How can you weep?
How can you weep for me?

The full intent behind my cause:
To serve some greater need.

How can you weep for me?

How do you sleep?
How do you sleep?
How do you sleep by me?

Why do you grieve?
There is no need,
you need not weep for me.

The indiscretion not withstanding,
Do not pay this heed.

You need not weep for me.

Never mind the cause.
Only for the want...

All the tears of regret pay no heed.

All the holy wars,
Further from the source.

All the hearts a pounding,
Pay no heed!

You need not weep for burning brambles piled in fields of leaves.
Even the King of Everything, he knows he need not grieve.

You need not grieve for further rest is coming unto thee.
You need not weep for each agreed, we cannot meet our needs.
Track Name: Food Grows Where Water Flows
Food grows where water flows
On the two county line, and the
Food grows where water flows
On the central Cali line...

And I say:

Hey, the Long Way,
Ain't got nothin' but a way to go on.
And the Far Beyonder,
Ain't got vision for the day to go on.
You say: Where's our payday?
When you gonna throw a little gravy our way?

Hey, central Cali line...

Food grows where water flows
On the two county line, and the
Food grows where water flows
On the central Cali line...

And I say:

Hey there, Rounder,
Ain't got nothin' but a word to go on.
And the Full Disclosure,
Don't make me another hurdle to roll.
And the Holy Order,
Can't tell me where the spirit belongs.
And the way it smolders,
Can't help thinkin' it was bound to explode.
And the way I hold her,
Can't help thinkin' it's the way it belongs.

In the light...
I should try...

Oh, central Cali line...

Food grows where water flows
On the two county line, and the
Food grows where water flows
On the central Cali line...

Food grows where water flows
On the two county line, and the
Food grows where water flows
On the central California Basin irrigation water line.